Campaign: Kingmaker

Player's Campaign Resource

Setting(s): Anuire, Endier
Genre: Political (Aspirational/War)

Dramatis Personae

Back Story

Dael Terhoene was just a street rat, the son of a maid at Caer Endier, but to Guilder Kalien, head of Ghoere's Highland Overland Traders Guild, there could be no better position. Tired of the power of the Merchant's Council and the Heartland Outfitters, he arranged the murder of Jorain Endier's wife and children and engineered proof that Dael, found and groomed by Kalien in the finest institutions, was a bastard son of Jorain Endier. Then, when the aging count embraced the boy publicly Kalien arranged for him to take delivery of the tighmaevril dagger Éadóchas from his agent in the Merchants's Council (the aptly named traitor Ghorien Hiriele), with which he would assassinate Endier, assume his blood, and take the County smoothly as the rightful heir. However at the last moment Dael, who had grown fond of Jorain, refused to kill the Count, Hirele stopped proffering the blade and did the task himself, but as Dael lunged, too late to stop him, Hiriele also lost his life, and his own bloodline, to the boy. Now he has Hiriele's blood and Jorain's acclaim - can he truly be Count of Endier?


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